Pomegranate Arakta


Fresh Pomegranate Arakta from Aarohi Agro International  

This Pomegranate are bigger in size, sweet with soft seeds, bold red arils. It also possess glossy, attractive, dark red skin.

Packaging: Net weight of box 2.5kg, 3.00kg, 3.5kg.

Details: Minimum Weight 180gm, maximum weight 400gm

Taste: Sweet

Fruit count / carton (3.50 kg net wt.) 
9 Numbers packed per carton: 350-400gms

10 Numbers packed per carton :290-320gms  
12 Numbers packed per carton: 275-325gms 
15 Numbers packed per carton: 225-275gms 

Load ability: 4400 cartons per container
20 pallets with 220 cartons per pallet

Load ability: 5500 cartons per container
Loading with No pallets

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